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Achieving a Dream Takes Everything You've Got - Plus Some.

"The key to success in any endeavor is to find something that you love, something that you can totally devote yourself to. If it’s not an act of love, a passionate commitment of everything that you are, then it just won’t work the way you want it to." - Chapter 14

"Personal relationships are everything in business and life." - Chapter 28

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No Off Season:

The Constant Pursuit of More

The journey to success is rarely an easy one. It takes long hours, calculated risks, and dedication. Along the way you will encounter your share of challenges, triumphs, and failures. For every fumble, there will be a touchdown pass. And for each failure you endure, there is a lesson to be learned.

No Off Season is the story of one man’s path to success and the priceless wisdom gained along the way. Author and speaker Steve Jones is an award-winning leader and the highly successful CEO of Allied Universal. His story begins as a young man dedicated to football and his dream of going pro. On his journey to professional success, he learned the unparalleled importance of a tireless work ethic, bold decisions, and raw determination.

Steve’s book, No Off Season, is his professional manifesto. This autobiographical guide gives you real-world wisdom for reaching your goals and creating a life you can be proud of. Between the covers of this book you will learn:

  • The value of adaptability in realizing your calling.
  • What to look for when pursuing a long-term career.
  • The makings of a great leader.
  • How to cultivate and maintain strong business relationships.
  • The key difference between a gamble and a risk.

Follow Steve as he walks you through his journey from aspiring NFL player to the CEO of the largest security and facility services corporation in North America. From high school athletes to business leaders, No Off Season is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to better themselves or further their career.

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Praise For The Book

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"Steve Jones has done all of us former Cal Poly Mustangs proud with his meteoric rise to the very top of business today. No Off Season is a great book in which Steve sets out just how he achieved his tremendous success by living according to the core values that he learned out on the football field. This is a necessary read for anyone interested in developing a winning attitude in business and life.”

Coach Ted Tollner

Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, USC (1982-1986)

Head Coach, San Diego State University (1994–2001)

NFL Offensive Coordinator/Asst. Coach (1987–94/2002–10)

"Having been honored to observe, firsthand, our nation's leaders in combat and in the most senior levels of government, Steve Jones personifies the best. From rough and ready of emergency operations to the highest level of strategic investment, Steve is steely eyed and committed. His ever-growing team of employees know who their coach is and follow like the champions he demands them to be.”

Admiral Robert J. Natter

US Navy Retired Former Commander, US Fleet Forces