Never Look Back

Change is hard and leaving the comfort and security of a well-paying job for the unknown of entrepreneurship is not easy.  But in the words of author J.E.B. Spredemann, “if you’re always looking back at what you’ve lost, you’ll ever discover the treasure that lies just up ahead.” When I made the decision to leave […]

Never Give Up

Even though you probably don’t want to hear this, failure will be part of your career and personal life. But you should never give up. Never accept less than your maximum effort. Whatever the task may be, keep doing that until it becomes second nature. And then do it some more. Be the hardest worker […]

Failure is Part of Life

My first brush with what felt like real failure happened in high school. Debilitating injuries derailed my plans to play for a major Division I football powerhouse. I refused, however, to accept that these results were final or to surrender my fate to any other force beyond my own determination. I would not relinquish my […]

Shoe shiner

How Do You Find Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

My father is and always will be an entrepreneur at heart. He obtained this entrepreneurial spirit from growing up on military bases all over the world. The challenges of that upbringing, particularly the financial hardships that his family endured, gave him skills that fostered his entrepreneurial spirit. Lucky for me, he taught me how to […]

Opportunities Knock More Than Once

I have always been comfortable with—maybe even sought out—situations rife with risk, because I know that they alone offer incredible moments of advancement, the opportunity to take significant steps toward the future, and to reap rewards that make the struggle involved in your endeavors all worthwhile. I cringe every time I hear someone describe a […]

My Motivation for No Off Season

People write books for many reasons which range from vanity to commerce to securing academic credentials. Why did I write No Off Season, which shares my life story with all its successes and failures? This is not a vanity project. I have zero problems with those whose interests lead them in that direction, but I’ve never […]