The Importance of Personal Relationships When Making Bold Business Decisions

The year was 2007, and at that point, my company, Universal Protection had annual revenues north of $150 million. Remarkably, all of this incredible growth had been 100% organic. There were no acquisitions involved, just good old-fashioned, nose-to-the-grindstone hard work by the best sales team in the business. And while those achievements were something to be proud of, I […]

Preparing for Success

As the CEOs of a $24 million company, my partner and I were constantly grinding, always looking for new ways to grow and achieve success. By the end of 2002, we had taken the business from $24 to $48 million in just two years. While it had previously taken us three years to double the […]

Executive Protection: Safeguarding Individuals at Work, Home, and Abroad

Allied Universal® Risk Advisory and Consulting Services empowers customers to better protect what matters most—people. Through detailed risk assessments and investigative practices, intelligence monitoring, and analysis of thousands of data sources, we reveal risks most likely to impact organizations. Using this information, we deliver the relevant threat intelligence, professional advice, and program development to help […]

When it Comes to Acquisitions, Hire the Best

Even the smoothest of acquisitions are still difficult and demanding transactions that require a lot of time from start to finish. Someone constantly has to be in the driver’s seat to make sure that the engine of these machines runs smoothly. During the largest acquisition of my career, I still had the day-to-day responsibilities of […]

9/11 Changed the Security Industry Forever

September 11th, 2019 has come and gone, but the aftermath of that same day in 2001 are still shaping our world and our work. The events of 9/11 were seismic. Before that terrible day, it would have been difficult for (almost) anyone to have foreseen those tragic events unfolding the way that they did. And that […]

Never Look Back

Change is hard and leaving the comfort and security of a well-paying job for the unknown of entrepreneurship is not easy.  But in the words of author J.E.B. Spredemann, “if you’re always looking back at what you’ve lost, you’ll ever discover the treasure that lies just up ahead.” When I made the decision to leave […]

Follow Your Dreams

The irony of my graduate school experience was that by the time I received my MBA, I was also through with my corporate job. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a great position. It was. I was the sales leader running the sales and customer service teams in a billion-dollar region. And it wasn’t that I […]

Never Give Up

Even though you probably don’t want to hear this, failure will be part of your career and personal life. But you should never give up. Never accept less than your maximum effort. Whatever the task may be, keep doing that until it becomes second nature. And then do it some more. Be the hardest worker […]

Endless Opportunities

All too often, I hear people complaining about their current situations, especially in the business world. What strikes me at those times is that the individual is simply missing out on opportunities that are available to them in whatever those supposedly dire circumstances might be. Sure, hard times often make those opportunities more difficult to […]

Failure is Part of Life

My first brush with what felt like real failure happened in high school. Debilitating injuries derailed my plans to play for a major Division I football powerhouse. I refused, however, to accept that these results were final or to surrender my fate to any other force beyond my own determination. I would not relinquish my […]